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If you are planning a fishing trip to Corpus Christi, Texas, then you'll want to check out our fishing gallery. Our collection of Corpus Christi fishing pictures is sure to get you excited about your upcoming adventure. We offer some of the best guided fishing trips in the area, and our gallery showcases the many different types of fish that can be caught here.

Doug Allen Fishing Guide Service Photo Album is a collection of our guests in action. The Fish photos include Southern Flounder, Black Drum , Redfish , Sea Trout. Corpus Christi fishing is world famous. The waters surrounding Corpus Christi like Baffin Bay are known for holding some of the largest Speckled Trout or Sea Trout in the country. The best time to fish for Speckled Trout in Corpus Christi and Baffin Bay in general is from March through May. At this point large schools of Speckled Trout will be found in abundance. However, If you are looking to catch a trophy sized Speckled Trout your best bet is to fish Baffin Bay and Corpus Christi while wading from October to April. The Speckled Trout are found in fewer numbers at this point in the year but it is when they are at their largest in terms of size. While this area is famous for its Speckled Trout it also world renowned for its Redfish fishing as well. The best time to fish for Redfish in Corpus Christi and Baffin Bay Is March through October, at this point in the year we catch them in really shallow water which makes sight fishing an absolute blast. At this point in the year we sight fish them with artificial lures a lot of the time, this is awesome because you can sneak up on these huge Texas Redfish. The Flounder and Black Drum fishing is generally very solid all year round, which is great because it means that there is always something to fish for in Corpus Christi. . The Fishing photos are taken in Upper Laguna Madre, Corpus Christi Bay, Baffin Bay, Laguna Madre, Nueces Bay,